Filming Sports in Russian Town Rostov-on-Don

TVDATA’s crew is filming a sport affair in a Russian Town Rostov on Don. It’s the ultimate action and reaction, a story of training and life of Vitaly Bigdash, a Russian athlete.  He is ready to compete in cage fighting held in Asia.

Our client is a famous sports platform:  The initial idea was to capture various events during one filming day.  In the morning our crew arrived to Kavkaz gym in Rostov-on Don-and started filming Gym training video. Hero Shots , After Gym session and  also some footage of Hanging around the town with Vitaly to get lifestyle footage (walking around Town, hanging with family…) plus a Sit-Down Interview at the Gym in front of Skype questioning session.

About this project:

Client:                                                                                                                      Filming duration: 8 hours
Date of filming: June 5 / 2017
Start filming / reporting time: 9:30am
Filming Location Address in Russia:  Kavkaz gym, 10am Rostov on Don, Gorky street 121 FILMING sports in RUSSIA FILMING sports in RUSSIA


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