Soviet Hockey History – USSR national ice hockey team

All hockey players of the USSR national ice hockey team, from famous champions to players who only once went on the ice, were wearing a red sweater with the inscription – USSR on their chest. The competition for the top team has always been enormous. Few managed to get to the largest tournaments. Our Soviet Hockey History Video collection presents all the hockey players who have ever played for the USSR national hockey team.

Fight Hockey Match digitized from Film tape and/or BetacamSP. Our Stock Footage is available for licensing worldwide. You can license extracts of it for your future documentary or a drama film.

The generation of Alexander Maltsev and Valery Kharlamov dispelled the myth of the invincibility of Canadian professionals in 1972. They carried the victory flag for another decade.  The players of Viktor Tikhonov’s brilliant hockey squad, who raised the winning bar so high that politics intervened in the sport. They had to stop the Red Machine.

We collect professional material from independent producers & studious around Russia. We distribute selected shots, completed documentaries, News stories to broadcasters around the world.

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