SOVIET TERRIFYING EXPERIMENTS, tricky Demikhov’s experiment was creating a two-headed dog. This video is part of our archival video collection on the history of Soviet science. At TVDATA, we digitize historical footage from Film tapes or Betacam SP and videos available for worldwide licensing in SD 720×576 @25fps, PAL, or HD on request.

SOVIET TERRIFYING EXPERIMENTS:Demikhov’s two-headed dogs

Demikhov’s history and personality are incredible. He did not have a scientific degree – and at the same time, he headed a laboratory and went on business trips abroad. Besides, he published monographs and received permission to conduct scientific experiments. These medical tests any sane person would consider the delirium of a madman. Works by Demikhov are associated with two-headed dogs that walk, eat, and bark. These Frankenstein monsters, the work on which was ahead of its time, because no one still knows how to transplant heads.

A Soviet scientist Ivan Pavlov set up a specialized laboratory called The Tower of Silence. It was isolated from the sound and light factors of the external environment, which could significantly reduce the experiment’s purity. The scientist observed animals’ behaviour using a system of specialized glasses, which made them invisible to dogs.



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