Special Regime Penal Colony, including rare video of women’s prison in Russia

Stock footage featuring Special Regime Penal Colony Prison


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The women’s prison in Russia

The women’s prison in Russia is a tough school of life. The complexity of the process of serving the sentence depends on the behaviour and life position of the prisoner. The surest way not to lose respect in a women’s colony is to be natural. Such behaviour is highly valued among prisoners. There is never a need to panic or conflict with other convicts, especially those who have been serving their sentences for a long time.

Some women’s prisons in Russia are known for their cruelty, and any rash act can change a person’s life forever. There are certain rules for keeping women in colonies, which are fundamentally different from the conditions for serving sentences in men’s prisons.

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Special Regime Penal Colony Prison

Stock footage featuring Daily regime In all colonies including women’s have a strict timetable for convicts. Rise for all at exactly 6 am. Women have one hour for personal hygiene. 07.00 the time of collection of all prisoners of the colony in the industrial zone. The time and schedule of the working day in each colony outlines the needs and production capacities. The most common schedules are twelve-hour shifts, with the possibility of one lunch break and rest for an hour. Less often, they organize work in the “two by two” mode. Each woman working in the zone has a specific task for the production shift. Women must complete daily production output, otherwise, they face punishment. The entire squad Of the colony of convicts should follow the working schedule.

Other types of Special Regime Penal Colonies Prison are Colonies for minors

Girls who have committed a crime at a minor age also go to a specialized colony. The total number of juvenile offenders serving sentences in Russia reaches 21,000 people. There are special educational colonies, the conditions in which are different from those in a regular prison. The number of convicts held in such places is 1,500 girls. One of the most famous educational colonies is in the city of Bryansk.





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