Digital film cameras including RED EPIC X and RED SCARLETfor rent.

RED EPIC for rent in Moscow,  5K large sensor digital film camera for rent in  Russia. This camera is ideally designed to shoot regular speeds in 4K mode and slow motion of up to 120p in 1K.  Upgraded from 60p in 1K mode from June 2012. With a 35 mm PL lens Mount allows you to film with lenses Cooke S4, Zeiss Ultra Prime, Zeiss Super Speed and Master Prime.

Digital film cameras RED One M-X

RED M-X large sensor digital film camera with M-X Sensor, SSD storage and VMI

RED M-X large sensor digital film camera with M-X Sensor, SSD storage and VMI. In addition, it is designed to maximize shooting options with upgraded accessories from Element Technica and Anton Bauer. Besides, the package comes with a 35 mm PL lens mount. Suitable for Cooke S4, Zeiss Ultra Prime or Zeiss Super Speed lenses.

We also can provide  a Set of Zeiss ZF DSLR Prime Lenses

At TVDATA. RU we are sub-licensing archival footage from various former Soviet State archives. This footage dates back to 1917.

Our researchers have special access to all Russian video archives. We provide custom video research for our clients. Some Soviet footage is on film tapes and rollers and sometimes is not electronically logged.

Here is an example of our clients’ requests who are looking for Russian Stock Footage.

This is from 2015 :

I’m working as stock footage coordinator for the independent feature film “999” by Worldview Entertainment. We are looking for news “b-roll” type Russian footage for scenes where a character is watching Russian / soviet news reports and I hope you can help me locate some clips.

We collect professional material from independent producers & studious around Russia and distribute selected shots, completed documentaries, news stories to broadcasters around the world.  Besides, TVDATA.RU offers high-quality videos filmed by professional cameramen on HD, Betacam SP, Digital Betacam and more.

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