2000 Presidential Election of Putin stock footage

Stock footage featuring 2000 Presidential Election of Putin. Interview with Vladimir Putin while he is attending . On January 13, 2000, Vladimir Putin announced his intention to run for president of Russia. On March 26, 2000, he becomes president of Russia with a score of 52.9%.

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Look how the president of Russia has changed over the years. 1999.

Historical collection of videos showcasing the 2000 Presidential Election of Putin. Betacam SP videotape PU1 originates in PAL 720 X 576 SD. In addition, we have stock footage on Boris Yeltsin’s 1996 Presidential election. In 1996 Boris Yeltsin was elected President of the Russian Federation. 

Vladimir Putin won a record 76% of the vote in the 2018. TVDATA sock footage collection  featuring Russian presidential election. Russian Footage of fourth presidential election in his career, he received the right to lead the country until 2024. Edition News collected archival videos & photos. 

Boris Yeltsin 1996 Presidential election in Russia

Political Stock Footage is available for licensing worldwide. You can buy extracts of it for your future documentary or a drama film, or any media project you have in mind. Here we present a collection of tapes featuring the Russian Presidential Election

Russian Footage of 2004 Presidential Election
2004 Russian presidential election was held on 14 March 2004. Incumbent President Vladimir Putin
2004 Russian presidential election on 14 March 2004. Incumbent President Vladimir Putin

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