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Back in the late 1980s, glass syringes, reusable needles, catheters, and intravenous infusion systems were used in clinics and hospitals. The pharmaceutical industry was poorly developed, so a significant part of the drugs had to be bought abroad. Simple medicines and remedies were very cheap, but slightly less common. In isolation from world science, alternative methods of treatment, for example, “sanatorium-resort” spread in the USSR.

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There were some shortcomings in Soviet education that many of those who studied under the USSR can hardly listen to enthusiastic exclamations about the “best system in the world.” Scientists often believe that the successes of Soviet science were achieved not thanks to the education system, but in spite of it: in order to achieve something, people had to overcome a huge number of difficulties and obstacles of a completely non-academic nature. When enrolling in universities, there were restrictions not only on class but also on national grounds: for example, the twenty years from about 1960 to 1980 were a period of anti-Semitism in mathematics – it was extremely difficult for Jews to get into the Mekhmat. Unspoken restrictions also applied to admission to other universities – for example, to the prestigious MGIMO and Moscow State Technical University. Bauman.

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