Soviet atomic bomb

1949 experimental Soviet atomic bomb explosion in USSR. Nuclear weapons testing conducted in Semipalatinsk polygon.

Professional video material from independent producers & studious around Russia

We distribute videos for documentaries, news stories and other media projects produced worldwide. We offer high-quality video clips filmed by professional cameramen on HD, Betacam SP Betacam Digital, Divicam, MiniDivi or colour film tape. Our Footage range from Soviet Era to the contemporary. Other related footage from Russian Video Archive and Ex-Soviet video collection include: Chernobyl nuclear explosion, nuclear bomb blasts and bomb explosion.

Bomb timer, bomb fuse, bomb squad, missiles, nuclear, weapons

To start with, you can view video clips and some full-length videos of the Russian Stock Footage collection on YouTube. We post some short videos and longer footage sequences we distribute. Please, contact us directly if you wish to find specific footage you need. Our stock footage covers almost everything: we have videos of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, Russian military footage, Oil exploration videos and much more.

At the first instance, our clients contact us via email with their research request for Russian Stock Footage.

We are looking for news “b-roll” type footage for scenes where a character is watching news reports and I hope you can help me locate some clips.  Rights would be worldwide/entertainment/all media/theatrical/in perpetuity. We need current/recent “Russian mafia” footage.

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