Licensing Russian Stock Footage requires accessibility to Russian and former State archives. Most of the footage is still held on film tapes and b-rollers and sometimes is not electronically catalogued. TVDATA Media company has been in stock footage licensing for decades. Our clients are various worldwide documentary and filmmakers.

HErE is an example o our clients’ requests who are looking for Russian Stock Footage.

This one is dated back to 2015: I’m working as stock footage coordinator for the independent feature film “999” by Worldview Entertainment. We are looking for news “b-roll” type Russian footage for scenes where a character is watching Russian or soviet news reports. I hope you can help me locate some clips.

We collect professional material from independent producers and studious around Russia. TVDATA distributes selected shots, completed documentaries, news stories to broadcasters around the world. We offer high-quality videos for TV production projects. Our stock videos are filmed by professional cameramen on High Definition, Betacam SP ( from Soviet Times), Betacam Digital, Divicam, Mini Divi or colour film tape. Our Soviet stock footage collection covers many subjects from Soviet Combat Milotary stock footage to Drone HD video clips.  At TVDATA, we have HISTORICAL Russian stock FOOTAGE videos on Kremlin. In addition, we have footage on Red Square parades, communist party meetings, Stalin chronicles and more.

We also have high-resolution footage on Nord-Ost terrorism happened in 2002. Besides, we digitised tapes featuring other accidents occurred in Russian and former the Soviet Union.  For example, some 30 Betacam SP tapes are on the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. We have Russian military footage, videos Oil exploration and much more. Currently, you can preview some Russian Stock footage we have at our YouTube channels:

If you do not find anything you are looking for please send us a request at