Vodka production line 

Stock footage featuring Vodka production line  dogotosedf rom Betacam SP PAL 720 X 576

K82 – 20 minutes. Interviewing people on the street. vodka Factory production line of vodka “Krasnaya Zvezda”. Conveyors, bottles, employees.

Vodka production line 

K97 582 20 minutes. Vodka production plant. Interior and façade of the factory and vodka production line. Conveyors, bottles, people at work, their interviews. Food store displaying Alcohol shop counters. Interview with several shop representatives.


К294 1549 vodka, customers. Streets of Moscow.

261 30 minutes. Fight against illegal vodka production. Video clips of tax police, riot police. Police with barriers, driving back believers. Ussuriisk. The police is driving the Chinese into the market. Tajikistan. Traffic police post. Destroyed old buildings. Interviewing people on the street in German. 

267 30 minutes Advertising on the streets of Kiev. Moscow. Advertising on Intourist hotels. Coca-Cola, Tuborg. Gorbachev and Yeltsin for photographing. Various foreign advertisements. Walking advertisement for vodka. Milka, Jacobs on Novy Arbat. Kaliningrad – advertising of German companies.


138 – L172 30 minutes. Trade. Trade in groceries at the Kievsky railway station. Crimea – hand-held trade in the village. Moscow – plumbing trade on the street. Trade in vodka at the Belarusian railway station (these frames are digitized, there are only a few seconds). Luzhniki stadium in Moscow, Kiev – the day of elections to the Rada. Zaporozhye – kvass trade. In the village – a berry. Lenin Hills – matryoshka dolls. Moscow – textbooks, cigarettes. Tbilisi – trade in seeds, newspapers.

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