The 1998 financial crisis in Russia

Our team digitized hours of tapes featuring the 1998 financial crisis in Russia. Our Stock Footage is available for licensing worldwide. You can license clips or video fragments for a feature film or a documentary. The Russian Central Bank and the Russian government decides to remove the currency corridor and devalue the rubble and also default on Russia’s debt.


The Russian currency Rubble is a freely floating currency.

We collect professional material from independent producers & studious around Russia and distribute selected shots, completed documentaries, and news stories to broadcasters around the world.  We offer high-quality videos of TV production filmed by professional cameramen on HD, Betacam SP (from Soviet Times), Betacam Digital, Divicam, MiniDivi or colour film tape.

Stock footage videos of 24.12.1994 financial crisis in Russia digitized in 10 bit uncompressed and available for worldwide licensing.


Several noisy scandals erupted around, albeit not the largest, but fairly well-known banks that widely attracted money from the population. Among them are Chara-Bank, LLD-Bank, Favorit Bank and some others. Even a new type of public association has emerged – unions for the protection of duped depositors (here, however, we must pay tribute to the contribution of non-banking financial companies and JSC MMM personally). Theoretically, a slight loosening of the government’s fiscal policy this fall could mean some breathing room for banks. But overall, the outlook is bleak.

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Quicklime clips of some footage we distribute. Please contact us to find the specific footage you need. Our stock footage covers almost everything: we have videos of Chernobyl nuclear disaster, Russian military footage, oil exploration videos and much more.

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