camera crew Bilingual Russian English Video Producer

We support foreign correspondents and cameramen coming to Russia

TVDATA Supports foreign correspondents and cameramen coming to Russia. Our Russian bureau will help you with research, accreditation, visas and setting up stories.

Company founder worked for several years in TV News, besides have specialist knowledge on Russian and International news-gathering. During several years, I provided coverage of Russian News, business and Russian affairs to news services on TV, Radio and Multimedia.

We have trained bilingual Journalists, Reporters and Video Producers.

Some of them worked as Television reporters and media producers for news and documentaries. We can provide you with a BILINGUAL ENGLISH & RUSSIAN VIDEO PRODUCER 24/7 in London and Moscow. Our professionals can also travel with you in Europe or across Russia and help you with news reporting to audiences all over the globe.

In addition, Here is a list of Roles and Responsibilities we can take over on behalf of your company:

Highly knowledgeable in newsgathering and can run an editorial news department including managerial and financial matters.  Therefore, I can lead a team of editorial department to ensure it provides world-class stories to any News and Current Affairs outlets both in Russian or English Languages.  Over the years, I worked with the world’s most respected and trusted news companies.

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