Filming Aerial Drone scenes for an Automobile company in Russia

The client is an automobile company from Scandinavia, they sell heavy-duty trucks in Russia. To enhance the image, they wanted to incorporate drone aerial images of a moving truck.

We at TVDATA. RU have a drone team. Here we post some pictures from a shooting location. In this instance a media crew working in suburban Moscow. This is an Aerial Drone shooting for an Automobile company.

The final product will be a Corporate Film for a commercial TRUCK company from the Netherlands.

How do we communicate with our clients? And how do we find our clients in the first instance?

To begin with, a creative director wrote us an email saying that he is coming to Moscow to film a WINTER Commercial for a truck. The company markets and sells these trucks for operations in a harsh climate environment, like northern Siberia in Russia.

Filming Aerial Drone scenes for an Automobile company in Russia. The client’s idea was to hire a DRONE video crew from TVDATA.RU based in Moscow.

Cameraman Gennady Nemih and his assistant

flying remote-controlled UAV drone 30 kilometres outside in Moscow. Our
crew has chosen an isolated road to set up a scene were a drone have to fly very close to moving a vehicle to film up to 8 shots. This is a corporate film for heavy-duty machinery showcasing business operations in Russia under extreme winter conditions. Here you can see the shooting process and videos with clients references.

At this occasion, filming AERIAL DRONE scenes FOR AN AUTOMOBILE COMPANY IN RUSSIA we had the following equipment. Drone EQUIPMENT includes: Drone DJI Phantom 4 Pro delivering 4k Ultra High Definition, Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Canon f 24mm Lens or Drone: Tarot 960, gimbal DJI Zenmuse-15 5D

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