Webcasting and Live Streaming

We can live stream and broadcast to and from Russia. Live Streaming media and corporate events. Studio 4K Cameras for on-camera interviews If you desire, TVDATA team can Disseminate video information, corporate knowledge, opinions widely to Online publishers and publication.

Webcasting and Live Streaming Services from Video studio in Moscow. Professional equipment and lightening are available.

With technology, you can easily record your video tutorial, film an online course, or host a webinar. The hardware and software complex allows you to work with augmented reality, interact with the presentation.  The system is fully automatic. It allows you to record a video lesson, presentation, or advertising video two times faster and three times cheaper. Equipment set for shooting lectures, lessons, conducting direct streaming and recording online courses

  • Facebook Live Video Streaming
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Periscope
  • Branded video portals
  • Owned media
  • Traditional broadcast channels
  • Stream to any webcasting platform
  • Professional studio cameraman and technician
Webcasting and Live Streaming Services in Moscow
Webcasting and Live Streaming Services in Moscow


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