Chernobyl nuclear reactor footage

Chernobyl burning nuclear reactor footage core

Helicopters were loaded with bags filled with sand, boron and other materials to stop and mother the burning nuclear reactor core from above, in 1986

Chernobyl firefighters workers run towards the disaster reactor in an effort to stop the fire and leakage of massive amounts of fatal radiation. At TVDATA stock footage archive we hold various archival and contemporary footage related to Chernobyl and other disastrous nuclear accidents that happened in Russia and USSR.

Chernobyl disaster, Ukrainian Soviet alternative atomic energy massive accident footage. Contamination zone featuring cooling towers disaster area videos.

Nuclear disaster Chernobyl archival stock footage videos.

Engineers in control of nuclear power plant, footage of heavy equipment on another power plant, CHELYABINSK-40 NPP. Interviews and videos on environmental topics featuring nuclear energy production in USSR.

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Protective Shell construction for nuclear power isulation.

Scientists and biologists check on plants mutation in a radioactive zone close to Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The nuclear accident took place in April 1986 in Soviet Ukraine. Massive amounts of fatal radiation leaked into the atmosphere… it is an unseen scale of radioactive damage.

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