Filming for Nord Stream Pipeline project Russia & Scandinavia

One of the major parts of this film was to feature construction activities and the construction process itself. Thus, it involved not only daytime work but also overnight filming. The idea was to picture the 24hours process of building, monitoring & maintenance of a Nord Stream.

This project was to film a challenging industrial site involving Dutch and Russian cooperation. A Scandinavian Cameraman and a Russian technician travelled to the pipeline construction site location. As planned, most of the filming took place close to a small Russian Town Vyborg.

To begin with, a Scandinavian Crew decided to spend a day filming the beauty of  Saint Petersburg.

Being in proximity to the most beautiful city of St. Petersburg, the crew dedicated its first-day filming grand design and Russian Navy.

Corporate Film for a Scandinavian company starts in Saint Petersburg.

The crew spent a whole day enjoying the sunny shots of this magnificent city and its abundance of navy scenery.

During this filming project, a Scandinavian Director Hans Burchartz and a cameraman Taco Van Moorselaar came from the Netherlands. As agreed, all filming equipment was brought from our offices in St. Petersburg.  As arranged, the set included high definition camera SONY HDW750P, lighting gear and sound.

A Scandinavian Cameraman and our Russian technician met for the first time on a set in Russia.

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