Russia is still spending huge amounts of money and effort on planting agents in America and Europe. Consequently, the press and media like to exploit this subject.

For your future media project and further spy scandals to enjoy on the screen you might need Russian Stock Video. As we all know, it is difficult to have any direct footage of espionage and a creative director has to illustrate it by twisting various videos. Sort of docu-fiction technology or video manipulations leads to produce the required effect.

On TVDATARU YouTube channel we have some examples of footage on Russian ESPIONAGE.  Here you can find previews of full length videos which were useful for our media clients. For example, this video below featuring Vyacheslav Ivankov,  known as ”Yaponchik” – Russian Mafia in USA.

We at worked with various renowned media companies producing video masterpieces on this subject.   Therefore, if you are on a search for spicy RUSSIAN ESPIONAGE videos, please do not hesitate to contact us, as we can assist you too!


RUSSIANFOOTAGE.RU, an online Internet catalog allowing instant licensing of stock video, photography, graphics, music and other multimedia content to media.  It’s a massive video & multimedia resource set up in a highly systematized manner by the means of digital technology.

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